Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Wandering

Please answer today's question on your own blog, any time until next weekend. Just link to this blog (or to this post) so I can follow the progress of the discussion.

And the question is: Were you a teenage rebel?


Old Wom Tigley said...

Very much so, I was completely out of hand and a right terror, I was around 25 when i settled down. I was a heavy drinker at 14, lived rough from the age of 15, and ended up in and out of prison until I was 20. I an now a completely different person but at times my past catches me up.
I can't be to ashamed of how I were back then because it moulded me into the person I am today. How's that for a honest answer?

mrsnesbitt said...

David, I will reply here.if that is OK!

You see..................people in the village read my blog!


(would that be OK?)


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi again David
I don't mind talking or writing about my past, it dose not make for nice reading though.
I am with mrsnesbitt on this, I will anwser anything you wish to ask or put forward but I don't want to have it on my blog, that place is for the person I am now... I hope you understand.

mrsnesbitt said...

Walls have ears....and I know people in our village read my blog from time to time you see.........
No I wasn't a teenage rebel, I couldn't be you see. My friends would go out drinking and I guess this was the nearest rebellious thing they did...however my mum's friend owned the pub so I never could go....under age you it is as I have got older I have discovered a rebellious tendency.........nothing to worry about, more mischievous! on!

Every village has its characters, our village is the same as evrybody elses. It is a farming community on the whole and those of us who are not farmers still find ourselves embraced by village life. We all get along, know everybody's name and disposition and are very pleasant....
but there is one person who really does not get on with anybody.
Infact, on 2 occasions he has been ran over by a time breaking an arm and a leg, so my opinion of this person is not unique!
To give you an example....if any building or improvements are being undertaken he will turn up with a clipboard. He will have details of the plan and will have carried out the research to find what is going on. He will then make detailed observations on the work being carried out seeing that every aspect is carried out according to how HE thinks it should be carried out.
When the village hall had a refurbishment he stopped the builders on several occasions, pointing out their faults (in his opinion) in the end the builders walked away, costing the project time and money...when neighbours errected a fence he pointed out it was too near his oil tank and was a fire hazzard....he went round to the neighbours and shouted at the lady of the house......he shouts a t women, yes. In the village hall meeting notes several years back it is documented where he threatened the pig farmer's wife with his fist!
So, this is our friend.

A couple of weeks ago I was out walking with Wilma. He stopped me and asked me if I knew anything about the motorbikes who honk their horns as they pass our house.

I pointed out I am not accountable for every bike which passes through our village.

Ofcourse I knew who he was referring to, on a Thursday night our friends honk as they are returning from the Bike Night in Whitby! this worthy of notice!

The "Neighbour" felt they were spoiling the quiet village atmosphere.......

Well, a few weeks doen the line and now most people honk as they pass, not only bikes but cars and neighbours too! Infact we had the most glorious symphony from the refuse wagon! LOL (totally unaware of the issues on the table!)

I will keep you!

Have a good day! I know I will!

karoline said...

good question david..i'll chew on it a bit..wasn't much point in rechewing on the runaway bit, so i passed it by..thx for your continued dedication..


Akelamalu said...

Mine's up now David. :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Mine's up now David.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo I am cloning ovely Akelamau's comments. Whoops.

And I love Mrs Nesbitt's answer.
Rebellion at any age can be such fun.

CamiKaos said...

better late than never, I put mine up just now.

and again, great question.

Max-e said...

Hi David
here it is

Oswegan said...

This is a terrific idea and a much better way to deal with the whole meme thing - a process for a better dialog, it seems.

Sadly, for me, I was such a rebel as a youth, there will be no time to publish that work before the deadline.

Volumes of posts could be put into the subject, and perhaps since there is no time, I will dedicate an old post, in honor of the question . . .

Consequently, having resolved the conflict right here inside your little comment box, I may participate after all.


Oswegan said...

Mine's up now.



sex said...
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