Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rock Around The Clock

Maybe She Had A Sleight Advantage

New York's Andrea Farina is the new Rock Paper Scissors world champion - and the first woman to hold the six-year-old title. Farina, 22, beat 500 others at Canada's Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto on Saturday to win the final 2-1 against Washington D.C.'s David Arnold. She sealed the win with a paper to beat Arnold's rock to take home the $8000 cash prize, which the Syracuse University communications student said would go to loans and rent.

FOOTNOTE: A true champion, on paper.


MyUtopia said...

It is bizarre to me that people actually think this is a skill.

Corey~living and loving said...

wow...I can't imagine watching such a tournament. How silly.

Victorya said...

I've heard of these tourneys before, some say it's like poker, learning to read tells as to what a person will throw out there.

8K isn't bad for a little rock beats paper.

Brian in Oxford said...

Your son's a Simpsons fan, right David?

HE could tell you that the "good old rock..." strategy is a flawed one!

sex said...
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