Sunday, March 08, 2009

Disparate Housewife

From Hausfrau to House Frown

A housewife has been reported for wasting police time in Germany after dialling 999 more than 100 times in the hope of finding a new husband. The divorcee plagued the emergency line, claiming she couldn't afford dating agencies. Officers finally visited her confiscated the battery from her cellphone.

FOOTNOTE: Date tripper.


Merisi said...

Now let us bet how long it will take her to get a new battery! And then, who will she be calling? The Fire Department? ;-)

TheWritersPorch said...

Funny......!Women are sometimes hard to understand are they not?

skywind said...

Only the confiscation of mobile phone battery is not enough. Should be able to put all of her communications everything confiscated. Such as phones, computers and so on. :)
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Maggie May said...

....and she's still without a husband....

Thank Goodness it isn't England again!

introspection said...

What a way to go find a man.!!!

Muppet Soul said...


That made my day.

MADE my day.

Lately, it seems, there's also a lot of trouble with people calling 911 when they can't get what they want out of fast food joints... Last month it was Wendy's, I think, last week McDonalds..

Does anyone know murderers are still on the loose?

Shrinky said...

Aw, someone should give her Goddess's "Hot Cop's" site addy, that should keep her going. Grin.

SweetPeaSurry said...

He he he ... recently there's been a newsstory about how a woman called 911 three times to complain that a Mc Donalds failed to give her the Chicken McNuggets that she ordered and would only substitute another meal in lieu of a refund.

People are rediculous!