Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Groom With A View

Was His Name Rob Roy?

A desperate bridegroom in Austria staged four bank robberies, taking more than £300,000, after his wife-to-be's plans for a huge white wedding got out of hand. But it still wasn't enough for his fiancee who demanded 500 guests, a Chanel gown, a new car and a Caribbean honeymoon. He was eventually caught by an off-duty policeman.

FOOTNOTE: More bank for his buck.


Merisi said...

How romantic! *rofl*

This is a treasure trove of lessons for us women in there!

Btw, what's the matter with those Austrians? Where have I moved to???

Jazz said...

Well, at least he got out of the wedding!

jinksy said...

Hope he never said 'I do' before the justice system had their chance to rescue him from a life tied to such a money-grabbing spouse!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Lucky chap! Just imagine what a divorce might have cost him!

Anonymous said...

The things we do for love... sigh.

Janet said...

Seems like an extreme way to get out of the marriage.