Friday, October 05, 2007

Look Out Below, Jock

RAF Bombs Out - Over Scotland

An RAF fighter jet has accidentally dropped a bomb on Scotland. The 14-kilogram practice bomb was lost from a Tornado GR4 aircraft during a routine flight from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray. RAF authorities do not know if the device survived the fall and have yet to locate the bomb but warned the public against touching it. Practice bombs are not live devices but look like real bombs.

FOOTNOTE: Lucky no one was kilt.


WalksFarWoman said...

Hi David, the plane was on exercise over Mrs Nesbitt's way! Have you seen her today?? ;)

Groaning at your pun! :)

david mcmahon said...


Whoa - I'd better go and check on her.

I'll fix my kilt before I go!

Keep smiling


wes said...

Its good to hear that the device is not a live one.

But all the same what scary stuff.


david mcmahon said...

Hi Wes,

Aye, laddie, not sure I'd like to find one of those in my back yard!

Keep smiling


Old Wom Tigley said...

I hope no damage was done to the Hill-Side Haggis Farms, the farmers are expecting a bad crop as it is because of the mild wet weather they have had this year.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Tom,

I share your bomby, er bonny sentiments.



Les Becker said...

There wasn't a note attached to that, was there? You know, "mob style"?

Brian in Oxford said...

It's very important that the public be warned not to touch it. Otherwise, I'd smell litigation if someone touched a bomb and made it go off! :)

Craver Vii said...

Kilts are chic-magnets... big time! My trouble is that I can't find one with a Puerto Rican tartan. Yeah, I would TOTALLY wear one if I had the opportunity.

Hopefully, they'll find the bomb only landed in an open field.

photowannabe said...

Did you hear my groan too?
A scary story none the less. I hadn't heard anything about it.

Lin said...

Live or not, it would bring new meaning to "You Be Ex" if you happened to be standing the in the wrong spot when it arrived!

Ak-Man said...

That'll make a great household ornament!

"Daddy took one of those to the chest son. Took 4 surgeons and 72hrs to remove it! . . . I was back at work the following day. Now go and clean your room!"