Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Post Of The Day

By far the most searing prose I've read in a long time is the post Back To Old Country by Helena, who writes the blog Sketch and Colour and who is a supremely gifted human being. Among the day's best offerings are Corey with My First Home; Mike with Smell of Worship; Old Man Lincoln with This Month; CG with Please Remember; Karoline with Do It and Kimberly with Good Mother.


Victorya said...

perfect pic! that post blew me away the other day.

CHEWY said...

I agree with Victorya. Perfect pick of Helena's post.

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW what a post from Helena. Thanks for pointing me to it.

Thank you a bunch for the linky love. :) I appreciate it.

Helena said...

Oh Lord!

Gosh! Don't know what to say!

Thank you!

Now I've had a boost... I'll get on with writing this 3,200 word assignment that I'm meant to put into the mail in um,.... 12 hours???

WHY am I laughing? WHY am I laughing?

There's a report to go with it, in which I have to write about the different drafts I did. HAHAHAHAHA

CHEWY said...

Helena's gone daft!

karoline said...

thanks david, i'm glad you thought so..