Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dollars And Cents

Profits Drift Down The Canal

A four-star hotel near Venice stands to lose nearly £80,000 after mistakenly offering a romantic weekend in the Italian city for just one cent. The Crowne Plaza in Quarto D'Altino, 15 miles from Venice, received bookings for the equivalent of 1,400 room nights on the night the rate was posted on its website.

FOOTNOTE: From gondola to "gone dollar".


subtorp77 said...

And I didn't think a penny could buy anything these days, wot?-LOL!

Like the foot-note as well :)

Kay said...

wish I would have gotten that post before they caught it haha that would be great! Summer savings, baby!

Mimi said...

Blast it! Why didn't I see that offer!
Love the footnote, very witty.

Shrinky said...

It cost us a darn sight more than that when we went to Venice! Did the hotel really have to honour that? Crumbs.nooeys