Friday, August 21, 2009

In The Swim

Love Me, Love My Wetsuit

A penguin called Ralph is enjoying a new lease of life at a Hampshire wildlife park - after being fitted with his own tailor-made wetsuit. Unlike other Humboldt penguins, Ralph's feathers always fall out in one day. He now wears protective gear fashioned from the leg of a man's wetsuit.

FOOTNOTE: Not fission, just fishin'.


Blessings each day said...

And penguins are just so cute...will try googling him.

I would have liked to have sent you an 'official' thank you for giving me POTD a few days ago (but I find no e-mail available here).

Having gone out of town immediately afterwards, I was totally confused (my normal state anyway) as to what had transpired when Eddie Bluelights congratulated me in a comment.

After some sleuthing, I discovered this nice award and have posted it today with thanks and a link to you!

Having googled as you suggested, I will soon be posting about Strine which rhymes with wine which for me is fine at dinnertime. (Sorry about that, I've started rhyming on Wednesdays and think I must have a poetic hangover.)

Enough wittering and rabbiting...thank you again.

blessings on you,


Daryl said...

I am so confused .. his feathers fall out in one day? Do they grow back? Where do you find this stuff, Den Mom?

Brian Miller said...

too cool. this one totally needed a pic...penguins are cool.

~Just me again~ said...

That's so cool. Plus the fact you're talking about my most favoritist animal ever. LOL. They're making a Penguin habitat in our zoo next year.

Shadow said...

that's sweet!