Saturday, August 08, 2009

Son Of A Gun

I Hope They're Not Always So Trigger-Happy

A Chinese couple celebrated their passion for war movies by getting married on a mock battlefield. The couple wore military uniforms and a gun-wielding groom was photographed rescuing the bride from a shoot-out. Then they were pictured kissing while surrounded by soldiers performing a gunfire salute.

FOOTNOTE: Soldier on.


Kim said...

Did this happen in the US? I am glad I was not a guest.

You find the most amazing stories, David.

I have moved my blog in order to connect it to my web site. You can find my 'musing blog' at

Also thank you for your helpful comments earlier today.

Janet said...

We have a lot of people who do Civil War re-enactment weddings. We narrowly escaped having to go to one when the potential bride and groom broke up.

Shadow said...

you SURE this wasn't a wedding under duress????

Maggie May said...

Looked like they had to drag her to the wedding under the threat of being shot!
Whatever turns you on, I suppose!