Saturday, August 01, 2009

It’s A Good Thing They Had Plenty Of Dough

Is It A Citroen Or A Ferrari?

Two friends have crossed a Citroen 2CV with chassis and engine of a speedy Ferrari F355 Berlinetta - and produced a bread van which can do a staggering 180mph. The bizarre hybrid took the pair five years and cost more than £150,000 to put together. It goes from 0 to 60mph in less than five seconds.



Kim said...

Hi David,

I finally finished your book. It was wonderful!!! So full and enriching. I loved all of it, just when I didn't like Hilary, she won me over; the images of life in Calcutta versus Australia, the new immigrant feel of a new place - all of it!

I ended up ordering it from Abe Books in New Delhi. They were quick - it came within five business days. Fedex on the other hand was a different story but eventually I got it.

I knew you were a terrific writer but this book was so unexpected. Sometimes I cried - for Zarina as my own mother who offered me up for a better life. Your fatherness came out and it was so touching. I look forward to your second book - I think I read an interview and you said you were working on your third. Deep breath.


diane said...

David, I'm a little slow, so I didn't realize until now how many comments were on my story. OMG! Thank you so much for the award!
I had an offer to write a children's book after posting that piece, but now I feel writer's block creeping in. It feels like a responsibility somehow. I'm going to try though, what's the worst that could happen?
I'm giving you a shout out, btw. Cheers! xo

Nessa said...

Quick bread, anyone?

Please visit The Chrysalis Stage and Esoteric Uncovered.

Anonymous said...

Some people really do have too much money!!

CJ xx

Rebel Mother said...

5 years and £150,000 and all they came up with was a bread van???????


Here are some suggested names for their business:

Loaves To Go
Buns on the Run
Money To Burn
No Sense Whatever
Idiots R Us

I'm sorry, I cant stop laughing...


Charles Gramlich said...

If they can build it they will it seems.

Shadow said...

oh man!?!?!?!? i guess they're planning to deliver their bread HOT!

Maggie May said...

All we want on the road is a mad bread van driver shooting to 60mph in a minute!
Silly kind of hybrid. Is it legal?

Suzanne said...

Come on people! Of COURSE they did! It is very, very important to have FRESH bread ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I just heard Enzio moan, for he's surely turning in his grave on this one!

Shrinky said...

Now that's a lot of dough!