Monday, March 10, 2008

Post Of The Day

Today's winner is the inspirational blogger Shrinky, who has re-posted Our Friend Kicoo on her new blog. The other contenders were Crystal Jigsaw with Money Well Spent; Daryl E's Sewer Saga; Joan's Great Eiffel Tower Experiment of 08; Starnitesky's Different; Tickled Pink And Green with It All Started With Wellies; Holly's Pies Of My Life; Woman on the Verge with Fury; Thursday Drive with Fears, Events and Prayers; Charles Gramlich with Information Overload; Jo Beaufoix with Drag Queen Cutie; Corey's Different and Chicago Nature Lady with Frozen Treat. Do pay them a visit and leave a comment if you have time.


Shrinky said...

What can I say? (Unusually speechless, for once).

(Floating off on cloud nine, Cheshire cat grin plastered all over my face.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks David! Think I've decided to ignore the letter. If it's important, I'm sure they will resend it!

Crystal xx

Daryl E said...

Thank you again for including me ... and my silly post

CrazyCath said...

Even though I had already read Daryl's and Shrinky's (what a tale!) it has taken me all day to get through these posts today!
My husband is lodging a formal complaint! I knew it was fatal to start with your site... ;0)
As always, excellent posts. You have put me in touch with so many wonderful people, with talent, love, care, I am so grateful.
I cannot remember how I found this site in the first place. I even told my dad to come look and he linked you straight away when it took two days and a kick up the rear to get him to link me!

Thanks so much. This is my daily medicine!

jennifer h said...

Thanks David, for including me! I've already read Daryl's post, and Cath's, but I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

I might have to go brew more coffee...

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Init grayte that Shrinky's bak?

Anonymous said...

Right on! Bob,
On back, and back, and back...

starnitesky said...

Thank you so much David for including my blog on Post of the Day, I am thrilled and honoured!

joan said...

Cool David! Thanks so much for listing my rantings on being snowbound. I will go check out the other posts. Thanks.

holly said...

okay seriously. in the pipeline of my posts is the following now :

"an essay on the awesomeness of david mcmahon"

btw : did you know you got mentioned in a podcast?

you'll not be happy. we dissed your country accidentally. i said "australia has only invented two things" and then i said "david mcmahon is going to be mad at me" or something.

it was silly time at cami-ranch.

at the end of the podcast we said australians were lovely...... :)

Chris said...

Thank you so much Dave! That's so nice of I'm going to read all the rest!
Chicago Nature Lady