Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post Of The Day

Ladies and gents, please put your hands together for Lori, who takes out today's title with Fall And Rise Of The Farm. The other great posts that caught my eye today were Jamie Dawn's Dumb and Dumber; Cowgirl's Change of Seasons; Crystal Jigsaw's The Time of Your Life; Expat Mum's Me And My Big Mouth; Kimberly's My Heart Stopped; Imac's Wood; Heaven’s Garden with Colours of Joy and Lime's Nobody Bakes A Cake. Do pay them a visit and leav a comment if you have time.


lime said...

i m ade today's list! sweet! (like the cakes ;) )

thanks for the shoutout, david.

John-Michael said...

Delighted to see that you enjoyed Lori's item so. I am anxious to check out the balance of today's lot.

I surely do appreciate all of the effort that you put into doing this, David. You are a good man, indeed!

Rosie said...

Another great selection David. I'm coming across some great sites thanks to your post of the day, and meeting some lovely people. Just wanted to thank you.

Lori said...

Thank you, David. I really appreciate your words for my site. I've been feeling badly lately (physically) so haven't written like I've wanted. I'm anxious to check out the other sites as well.
You are so kind to always do this. Many thanks again!

Steph said...

Mr. David McMahon, do you have any idea what these posts do to my day? Wreck them. Now I'm going to be on the net reading most of the morning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much David for liking the post & nominating it....will check out the other selections too...have a wonderful time!

Autumn said...

Wonderful choice for today's post. I really enjoyed reading it. Makes me think of my families farm and what will happen to it in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you as always, David. Anyone who doesn't blog doesn't know what they're missing!

Crystal xx

imac said...

Many thanks Savid for the mention.Glad you liked the wood post, even tho it were grainy lol.
Wot a clever chap

You will like my new post.

CrazyCath said...

Great selection again. Thanks

Jamie Dawn said...

I guess folks like to hear about the hicks in Arkansas.
Now that I've lived here for going on three years, I consider myself a hick too, also, in addition, as well.
Pass the grits and fried okra.

I visited Lori's blog. Her post is really lovely, and I enjoyed the photos.

I only post twice a week.
Blog Church on the weekends, and one other post midweek. This gives me time to visit blogs in between writing posts.
I thoroughly enjoy meeting people that I would never have known existed had it not been for this wonderful thing known as blogging.
I've made some good friends through blogging and have had the joy of meeting four blog buddies in person so far.

I'm going to read Lime's post now...