Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Para Trouper

Hoping For A Fall Collection

A skydiver in upstate New York is hoping someone will find his lost prosthetic leg. Scott Listemann has printed up posters asking anyone who finds his leg to call him. He figures it's in a wooded area and hopes that it will be more visible this fall, when trees shed their leaves.

FOOTNOTE: Out on a limb.


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Conversation between jumpmaster and skyjumper:

Chute and harness secure?
Helmet secure?
Leg secure?

Meg Wolff said...

Okay, has he lost a prosthetic leg??

CrazyCath said...

I cannot believe this. This guy has got to be having a laugh. No?

Chuckling at pat's comment too...

Old Wom Tigley said...

'Listermanns Lost Legacey' Found by Len The Lumber-Jack'

Maggie May said...

Good story and good reply PAT!
Didn't I read not long ago, in British papers, that hundreds of artificial legs were found under a house? Maybe he should go & look there! Why anyone should collect them remains a mystery!

the teach said...

This is hilarious, David! Ha! :)

Shrinky said...

Oh boy, talk about out on a limb..