Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

While lions have their pride
Elephants take you for a ride
But a llama could be calmer
For a farmer who seeks karma


MamaGeek said...

Now this, THIS just makes me chuckle. I hope the farma' gets his karma! You're good David. Realllly good.

Maddy said...

Love llamas.

quilly said...

There once was a charmer
Seeking his karma,
Who found fortune and fame,
By healing the lame,
He'd given'em a tap,
A squeeze an' a slap,
Then tell them to stand
(It really looked grand.)
At first they would balk,
But then they would walk!
As an even greater kindness,
He cured men of blindness!

They put on quite a show
While raking in the dough.
Tailor made suits and
Hand-tooled leather boots,
Silver and gold
And baubles untold,
Then judgment day came
And they put down their fame.
They gathered at the gate
Where Peter said, "Wait!"
God was looking grim
As Petter conferenced with him.

God decided their fate.
Peter stepped to the Gate.
"Go back from where you came,
"But you're going back lame.
"You're going back blind,
"And none will be kind.
"You're going back broke,
"Without a penny in your poke.
"You will beg on the street,
"From the strangers you meet."
So be careful how you go
When it's Karma you sow.

Merisi said...

Let's just hope that farmer's wearing spitproof gear
(and we are not talking
archeological diggings here!)!

74WIXYgrad said...

If you stare at a llama too long
He's gonna wanna spit
And if an elephant eats too much
He's gonna have to eat more