Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Proof Of The Pudding

Is In The Secret, Not In The Eating

Chefs at the Sharrow Bay Hotel in Cumbria, England, are reportedly being asked to sign a contract forbidding them to divulge the ingredients of the hotel’s famous Sticky Toffee Pudding. The recipe has been a closely-guarded secret since restaurateur Francis Coulson created it more than 30 years ago, but a recent attempt to leak a film of it being made onto YouTube has led the hotel to take drastic action.

FOOTNOTE: Toffee grapple.


Sandy Kessler said...

oh my that sound inviting sticky toffee pudding !Have you had it ??

Nessa said...

Nothing is sacred, or secret, any more.

Maalie said...

Hey, sticky toffee pudding - they make that stuff just around the corner where I live (in Cumbria!).

Merisi said...

I'd love to stick my little head into that recipe book myself!

P.S.: Rather tricky theme, sweet desserts, for a late evening post, don't you think? Can you here the clanging from my kitchen? Now, where's that toffee recipe again ....

CrazyCath said...

I'll have to go test out that pudding now. I'm not too far away.

Methinks maalie has the recipe... ;0)

Texas Travelers said...

Interesting. One of my favorite reality shows is 'Top Chef'. I feel another secret episode coming on.

Thanks for the visit,

Texas Travelers said...

Here's a link for Sticky Toffee Pudding that might interest you.
Click here.
My guess is the a couple of secrets would be in the type of date used and maybe a little special Brandy in the second application of sauce.


Merisi said...

I am more ingrigued by the minute! Maybe they use Scotch Wiskey?
Thank you, Texas Traveller! :-)