Monday, July 07, 2008

Gas Masked

Er, Chef, We Really Need To Discuss This

A BA jet diverted after passengers thought they smelt poison gas was really grounded by curry. The flight from Belgrade to London was evacuated after an emergency landing as passengers panicked, fearing a terrorist gas attack. Emergency workers wearing breathing apparatus helped screaming passengers off the plane before the source of the fumes was discovered.

FOOTNOTE: Smells fishy.


Maggie May said...

Would be funny if it wasn't such a possibility!
Glad I didn't cook it! Not very much of a compliment is it, frightening everyone away!

Cowgirl said...

That's just plane silly.

Shrinky said...

Everyone knows the poison gas doesn't come until AFTER the curry is eaten..

willow said...

That "source of fumes" must have been so embarrassed!

Hilary said...

Hi David. As requested, you can reach me at I'm away from home for a few days, but can still access my mail.