Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

Santa explained to Mrs Claus:
Pack the van so it all fits in
Beware their antlers and their paws
And this time remember Blitzen


womaninawindow said...

Ha! Poor Blitzen, always fixin sumthin in the kitchen, never timely...sorry for this rhymely...

willow said...

Mrs. Santa should tell Mr. Santa to pack his own van.

quilly said...

Mrs. Santa said to Mr.
I've got antler pokes here,
And hoof tracks there,
Blitzen's run off
With that singer named Cher.
The van isn't packed,
But my suitcases are,
Your dinner's in the dustbin
And my butt's in the car.

quilly said...

Oh! I meant to add my thanks to Willow for the inspiration. And to tell you:

There's a new game up at my place. Put on your thinking cap and drop by.

Doug said...

But does Santa really know where the elves where last Tuesday? Most likely hitting the pub for some ale.

Doug : )

Maggie May said...

Mrs Santa said, "Enough"
She went to give him a sound cuff!
"Making all those blasted toys
For little girls & little boys
Well I have had enough of it!"
Poor Santa once agin was hit!

Aggie said...

Now we know who really does all the work. Santa is just the sleigh-ve driver after all!

74WIXYgrad said...

Blitzen is not at home
Or getting a treatment at the spa
Blitzen is at the judgemment dome
On trial for running over grandma

Nessa said...

Missing reindeer?
Have no fear.
Don't call a cop,
Christmas won't stop.
The sleigh has been dispatched,
with Blitzen attached,
tied to Santa with string,
like so much Bling, Bling.