Saturday, September 12, 2009

Groom-To-Be Knows The Drill

The Wedding Will Be At Tooth-Hurty

An Isle of Wight man has been told to get his teeth fixed before a dentist would let him marry his daughter. The bride-to-be said she was thrilled that he had agreed to undergo the dental work to win her hand. "I will always love him regardless," she said.

FOOTNOTE: Chew-chew twain.


Chapati said...

Haha ingenius title!

Loved the story when I read it in the good old Metro!

Maggie May said...

Would look bad for business to have bad teeth. I hope he got it done free by his intended FIL & that they liked each other!
Might be painful if not!
The things you do for love!

San said...

This story calls for breaking out the laughing gas.

Shrinky said...