Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Sunday Roast

My Pleasure To Introduce The Oxford Scholar

This week's interview is with Brian,
who writes the blog Brian In Oxford.

1. The first of the standard weekly questions: Why do you blog?

It seems like a good idea to put ideas "on paper", without submitting a manuscript to a publisher who's got no idea who I am. Plus, it's amusing to stir reactions on utterly random topics from people.

2. What's the story behind your blog name?

Name and location, sir.

3. What is the best thing about being a blogger?

The interesting comments you can get from people you never heard of, who might chime in on a particular story.

4. What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Make sure you don't skip number five. I can't stress this enough.

6. Thanks for pointing out so humorously that I accidentally left out question #5. I'll take your advice and never do it again! But here is question # 6 .... What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

Probably the first one I ever read ..... it was a guy whose contract with ESPN had run out, so he ported his daily format to blogland. It made blogging seem like something anyone can do.

7. What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

Probably the details of my hyperglycemic episode last summer. I try to steer away from sounding too much like this is just an online diary. This *is* writing for at least some sort of audience .... so if it's going to be personal, it should at least be somewhat informative or amusing.

Today's Sunday Roast with Brian is the twelfth in a weekly series of interviews with bloggers from around the world.


Daryl E said...

Well now I have to go read him .. if for no other reason than he emphasized #5 and I have always advocated #5 .. always.

Maggie May said...

Must go over to him now & I am intrigued as to why he missed out 5. Don't suppose we will ever know.

Anonymous said...

Brian sounds very interesting, I'm off to read his blog! Great picture too.

CJ xx

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Don't miss number 5.... heheheheh!!!!! That waz funny!


Bradley's Mom said...

Love the #5 thing.

Off to read Brian!

Thanks, David!


Stacey Huston said...
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Stacey Huston said...

LOL. I am soooo glad you can remove comments. Good one with question #5, but NOT nice to do to someone that has been out working in the sun all day.. Was a bit slow, but at least I got it..Was this HIS idea or yours??:-)
I will have to check out this guys site, thanks for the link..

Stacey Huston said...

LOL, David, just got your comment on my blog. DARN, you weren't supposed to be there and intercept my "blond" moment. I thought I got it deleted quickly enough (foiled again) :-)

CrazyCath said...

Another great interview. Been to see and this guy is as nuts as me. Great blog.

Misty Dawn said...

I like this interview a lot. Seems to be a no-nonsense, yet hilarious guy. The #5 comment cracked me up! Now, I am intrigued, so I must go read more.

The Camera Critters sign in is up, if you want to play again this week ;-)

Kimberly said...

I'm almost more intriqued by the picture that the wit. I'm feeling inspired suddenly. Here I've been doing boring headshots for my profile photos...

shashikiran said...

Came back after a long time David. The interviews are such a lovely idea.

How your site has exploded!

Brian in Oxford said...

Does anyone else out there know the Steven Wright comedy bit about how his phone has no 5?

(His friend asks why he hasn't called, and Steven explains he can't, because his phone has no 5. Friend then asks how long he's had the problem with his phone....not sure, because "my calendar has no 7s")

Sandi McBride said...

Well, I was going to go trip the light fantastic and simply tripped...have a need to read the young Brian (he looks about 10, but I'm sure that's my imagination)

i beati said...

This guy
I love already!!wznjd excellent sense of humor thanks for the interview and introducing Brian

i beati said...

This guy
I love already!!wznjd excellent sense of humor thanks for the interview and introducing Brian who roasted whom here????

Akelamalu said...

After that interview I'm intrigued so I'm off to visit Brian. :)