Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

If you live on the savannah
You won’t need a wedding planner
If you wear a tux and britches
There won’t be any final "hitches".


jillie said...

I think I'm moving to Savannah! LOL...I think.

Maggie May said...

Does it matter wear you live?
Marriage today slips through a sieve.
Does it matter what you wear?
Couples divorce with out a care!

So there!

quilldancer said...

T'was a sight to behold
-- or so I am told --
When the lion king wed a baboon.
Zebra said, "This won't do!"
"You're right!" Said the gnu.
And hyena went into a swoon.
The minister, Myna
Said, "There ain't nothin' finah,
Then love 'neath the high S'vannah moon."
Their bridesmaid was a sloth,
As they plighted their troth,
One mid-summer's evening in June.
Two headlights from a jeep,
Cut the night with a sweep,
Interruptin' the Nightingale's tune.
The jeep bounced toward the altar
With nary a falter,
Though it parked on the tail of a coon.
A man jumped from inside
And yelled, "Wait! She's my bride!
And I'm putting an end to this soon!"
He pulled forth a gun
And all the animals did run,
This ending this rambling tome.

backpakker said...

Not a bad place to get married then..imagine, no wardrobe malfunction too ..

willow said...

Your little rhymes are so much fun, David. I always have to read them in my Aussie accent to benefit fully.

Jennifer H said...

I wouldn't dream of ruining a perfectly good savannah with a wedding.