Saturday, April 26, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

He spoke in riddles, he wrote in code
I’ve gone into Windtalker mode
Who knows what Uncle Jasper meant
By his last will and testament


Kendra Field-Bennett said...

My son got ahold of my camera today at the park and took some great shots. Thought you might appreciate his perspective. Maybe he could be your young apprentice!

Maggie May said...

May be he left a load of cash
But no one was able to find his stash...
Cos he marked an X upon a map
and left it under a running tap!

the amoeba said...

Any good lawyer will tell it what it means.

It means ka-CHING!! And not for you. said...


David, new address is on the link above. Settling in well at WordPress, has some neat features. Look forward to seeing you,

indicaspecies said...

He spoke in riddles, he wrote in code
Jasper was gone while being rash on the road
Now we can only bemoan and lament
His will makes no sense, oh! what torment

Lee said...

Good morning, David! Love this one. I'm guessing you've read the Windtalker book, or seen the movie.

Who knows where his treasure lies? Why, Uncle Jasper of course.
And he's laughing his head off
Waiting for someone
To figure out he was talking in Morse


willow said...

This is written in code! If Uncle Jasper is real, then your family can decipher.

Or maybe they dropped the "tomorrow" part off the Free Beer sign?

Blog Princess G said...

Naughty Uncle Jasper! As long as he didn't leave it all to the tabby.

Les Becker said...

No doubt he left it to the little chippy that served him his hot toddies... or his cat.

nitebyrd said...

Clever Uncle Jasper!

Daryl E said...

to his lifestyle it didnt make a dent
since it didnt cost him a cent
he still lives a la mode
in his own abode