Sunday, April 06, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

Make sure you do look pretty
When you visit New York City
But never lose your bloomer
When you visit Tangalooma


Sandi McBride said...

Oh please, where is Tangalooma...for if I misplaced my bloomer, it really wouldn't be very pretty to actually find 'em in New York City!

Jamie Dawn said...


Hello from Savannah, Georgia. I am on a vacation with my family. We are enjoying the southern comforts of the deep south. Ahhhh, I love it!
I live in Arkansas which is hick country, but Georgia is where the genteel ladies of the south live. I long to be a southern belle. I will pretend to be one while I am here.

Sandi had nice words for you over at her blog. She gave you and me awards, and I must say that I am so glad for you. Because of you, I found not only your blog, but a few other gems that I have very much enjoyed. You deserved every word of praise she wrote.

BRUNO said...

You keep on cuttin' with these limericks, and sooner or later, I'm gonna start to "bleed"!

Well, of COURSE that's what you want!

Everybody else just as well "get in line", too...!

katherine. said...

I'm thinkin' its a good idea not to lose your bloomer in new york either...

Maggie May said...

Can't afford to visit New York City,
Nor Tangalooma, more's the pity!
Maybe if my luck comes in ......
The lottery, I will one day win!

Tangalooma sounds very Aussie, but where it is exactly, is any one's guess!

quilly said...

I'm going to Tangalooma by the sea
To get a dolphin to swim with me,
We'll splash and frolic in the water,
Doing whatever fishes oughter.
And if my bloomers, they should slip,
I guess I'll never end that dip.

Lee said...

Very cute rhyme, David! Great comeback, Quilly!


CrazyCath said...

Now you made me go research! I found Tangalooma in Queensland where you can hand feed dolphins. Wah hey!

I wouldn't want to lose my bloomer there OR in NYC!

You are good with this rhyme. You will note I have given up trying to keep up! But look at Maggie May ... wow she hid her light under a bushel eh?

CrazyCath said...

Wow Quilly as well! Just noticed. :0/

Daryl E said...

Queensland is a free land
Those living there give it a big hand
Here and there in New Yawk
They watch you like a hawk
Keep your senses on
And you'll never fall for a con

Oy .. blame it on the meds