Monday, April 14, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

I used to play with aeroplanes
I used to play with trucks
Now I just "shoot" window panes
I'm in a state of flux


CrazyCath said...

Rushing this and thataway
As balls he juggles and chucks,
Researching the Post of the Day,
Whilst also writing books.

Skywatch Fridays, Weekend Wanders,
Sunday Roasts, photographs galore,
And now some “Verse and Worse” is up
And leaves us wanting more.

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, so I'll not even compete with would be pointless...just so glad the shooting of ducks didn't fall in there anywhere...cute I'm off to bed, Kitten is asleep and it won't last long!

dot said...

I love these things. They always make me laugh and so did crazycath's comment!

quilly said...

David shot a submarine,
David shot a bus,
David shot a helicopter,
And shared each one with us.

David shot some flowers,
And a stained glass window, too,
Then he shot his blue jeans,
And he shared them with us, too.

David shot a tiny ant,
David shot some grass,
David shoots so many things
That you'd better watch your ....

Ahh, ahh, ahh, what were you thinking? For shame!

Merisi said...

This really sings, 'til it hits, that is. If it weren't you, I would be worried about broken glass. ;-)

Maggie May said...

After yesterday's gaffe....
Poetry writing on waking, is really rather naff!

Quilly is a witty poet
She can write 'bout anything...
Now it seems that Crazy Cath
Can do the the darn same thing!

Well done both!

Stacey Huston said...

LOL! Good one.