Thursday, April 03, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

If the Queen had to choose
Garden-party guests who amuse
Would she have picked Presley?
Or opted for Carson Kressley?


D... said...

I don't know about the Queen, but I would certainly pick Presley!

quilly said...

Were the Queen in need of a jester,
To joke and riddle and pester,
She would search high and low
And ask folks in the know,
Just who she should call
To amuse one and all.
And every somebody who is anybody would say,
"Look, Dear Queenie, it's just this way,
If you really must know,
For the very best show,
There's this punster named Dave
Who's really a rave.
Plus he's sure to snapshot,
The whole flippin' lot.
For both photo and joke
He's the very best bloke.

Momma said...

I suppose it depends on what manner of queen (s)he is? ;-)


Merisi said...

Who would have guessed that a guy from Pennsylvania would turn up on an Australian blog as a prospective guest of the Queen? *chuckle*
I wonder why you didn't mention "Queer Eye" among the assorted "Labels" (you could always make a "Queen Eye" out if it).

Maggie May said...

The queen likes to dine
On rich food & wine.
Not sure if she liked Elvis,
Shakin' his pelvis!

Maybe Quilly is right!
Dave would suit her just right!
Let's drop her a line...
See if that's fine!

CrazyCath said...

I was going to try and put together a witty rhyming response - but I give up!

Quilly's is fantastic and I agree 100% and Maggie's response therefore echoes mine, but I am getting lazy now and not thinking of rhyme!
And momma's is just funny.
Great post - not just for the rhyme but for the comments it elicits!
Clever David! ;0)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Mmm, I'd go for Presley too. I have to google the other dud though as I've never heard of him/her.

Anonymous said...

Carson has a better personality for garden party socializing. And I'm sure he would wear a fab outfit.