Monday, August 11, 2008

The Church Embraces Inflation

Yes, I'm Absolutely Shore

Sunbathers can now get closer to God without having to bother getting dressed. A "bouncy church" - which takes just five minutes to inflate - is on the Adriatic coast and comes complete with an altar and confessional booth. The Catholic church is trying to counteract the holiday effect of the Italian summer.

FOOTNOTE: Sand Francisco?


Leslie: said...

Oh, that's going a bit too far. They should be happy if the parishioners just "wave" as they walk past on their way to the beach.

Charles Gramlich said...

I figure the beach is about as good a temple as you can find on its own.

(Man, I have to say these word verification things are SUCH a pain. I'm now attempting my third time to post by typing in a new combination.)

Anonymous said...

Who wants to confess on holiday?!

CJ xx

Cath said...

The mind boggles...

Surely, if people are likely to attend church on holiday, they will go to church? I can't see how an inflatable church will help.
*scratching head*