Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lucky He Wasn't Kilt

This Car’s Making A Hissing Noise

A mechanic in Great Britain discovered a snake in a car. The worker at West Bank Road Garage, East Lothian came across the orange snake while cleaning out an impounded vehicle. The man initially thought it was a toy but soon realised it was real, so the Scottish SPCA were called in.

FOOTNOTE: Check the windscreen vipers.


i beati said...

i ghave a rattler somewhere in my engine ??

Cath said...

"...windscreen vipers..."

ohhhhhhhh. *groan*

(Where on earth did THAT snake come from? We don't have orange snakes in GB! Do we???)

Jennifer S said...

This scenario is on my list of greatest fears! Because what do you do if you're driving?


Love the footnote.