Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Post Of The Day

Today's winner is Lee with the inspirational post Rising From The Ashes. Close on her heels were Maggie May with Precious Things In Life; Akelamalu with Lost; Dot's Silhouettes; Bernie's Foto Blog with Bali Botanic Gardens; Old Tom Wigley with What a Differential a Day Makes; DKaye's Don't You Just Love The Sound Of a Nice Thunderstorm?; Ruth D with I Kid You Not; Crystal Jigsaw with Being Autistic; Down River Drivel with Kaboom and B's Dances With Wolves.

You can nominate a post too. Just leave a comment here with the URL or link - and tell us the name of the blogger you are nominating. You can nominate more than one post. And yes, you can even nominate your own work. Righty-o, then, it's over to you ....


Maggie May said...

Blimey! Thanks for that, David.
My lap top is playing up today. Its a wonder I got through! On a go slow. I think its the server.

Lee said...

Thank you, David! It's such an honor to be at the top of your list. And I love the comments from your readers too. They just make me feel so good! What a blessing you all are!


Akelamalu said...

I'm honoured again, thank you so much David. I'm off to read the other posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, David. I have just read Akelamalu's post about her lost item and it really made me smile. I nominate that one today. And I love the butterfly effect too!

CJ xx

Luiz Ramos said...

Good idea.
I'll return to nominate some blogs.
Would I nominate my blogs?
-Ramosforest Environment
-Natural Shot Photos.
Luiz Ramos

Old Wom Tigley said...

Thank you David.. I thought the title might catch your eye.. When I wrote it I thought of you and your titles... thank you for the mention.


I will try to get Sky Watch up and running for you early again this week.. 20.00 hours GMT... is that O.K..

Merisi said...

Great roundup, David!

I would like to nominate A Kite Rises for her story of Of perambulators and goldfish. It not only brought a smile to my face but warmed my heart.

Brett said...

Loved Rising from the ashes

CrazyCath said...

Wonderful posts once again David.
Very eclectic mix! The photos are wonderful and the posts funny and nostalgic and poignant. Thanks again.

Ruth D~ said...

How interesting. So many interesting blogs just waiting to be brought to light. Thanks, David, for mentioning me.

Dave Coulter said...

One of my favorite blogs is Snail's Tales. The post today has to do with an Australian transplant!

Carolyn said...

Great choices!

If it's not too late, I'd like to nominate CrazyCath's very powerful post: Losing Me.

Bernie said...

David... WOW!

And thanks for your wonderful post... I had no idea!

Cheers for now