Monday, September 22, 2008

Post Of The Day

Today's winners are Merisi with Falling Into Autumn; Celebration of Life with Doors … Windows … Gates and Quilldancer with Bullet Flight. The other top contenders were Millennium Housewife with A Real Brick; Napaboaniya with Flying Dragon; Uncle Joe with Where Would We Be?; Brooke with My New Digs; Crazy Cath with You Couldn't Make It Up; Jo with Pecking Order; Pat Houseworth with The Battle Of Chickamauga; Ramblings Around Texas with Above Valdez; Marcia with I Like Gray As Well As Sunny and Samhlaigh with I Have To Deal With Stuff. Do pay them a visit and leave a comment if you have time.

Thank you, everyone. This weekend my blog broke new ground, with the daily page views topping the 650-mark for the first time. That simply would not happen without all your support.


Merisi said...

Oh, my goodness,
my very first Winner's post!
Oh goody, I am so thrilled,
thank you, thank you!
Congratulations to all other winners and top contenders, and a beautiful autumn and spring, wherever you are,

Merisi said...

congratulations on topping the 500-mark! I felt so giddy after reading "today's winners" that I forgot my good manners, sorry.
I am still feeling giddy,
thrilled, oh gosh, I am sure I will work at double speed today, it feels so great! :-))) said...

David....I don't know how you do it! I look so forward to reading the blogs you post!

Merisi said...

the link to Marcia's ("I Like Gray As Well As Sunny") leads nowhere. The error message, though, let me figure out her blog's address,
Marcia's blog.

Anonymous said...

David, I can't believe I made Post of the Day again! Thank you! And thank you too for showcasing my niece, Brooke. Isn't she something? I'd tell you she is one of my favorite relatives, but if my other relatives read that statement they might start wondering things best left uncontemplated.

Celebration of Life said...

Thank you David for reconizing my struggle and giving me your words of encouragement; somehow you knew I needed them. It is always a thrill to be listed on your "Post of the Day"; thank you for that too!
Congratulations on your blog hits. You are a funny and fantastic human being! Your blog gives me a smile everyday!

Millennium Housewife said...

David that's fantastic! You have everybody's support because you write a great blog. Thankyou for my post of the day, it always brings a thrill! MH

Cath said...

Thank you once again David. You do the confidence a world of good! And to be amongst such brilliant bloggers...
I'll get round to those I haven't previously soon.
Congrats on your pageloads - 650 did you say?
*shaking head*....

*stops, looks over shoulder, raises eyebrow Spock-like*

650? (Certainly logical to me [grin])

Whistle Britches said...

Thanks Davey Mac!
It's always a nice surprise to be mentioned over here.

Bart said...

Answer your darn email. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm very honored to be mentioned! :) Thanks.

Daryl said...

There goes the neighborhood!


Sarah said...

I'm a lurker. Guilty as charged.

Shrinky said...

Congratulations David, it is well deserved. I am so happy to note some of my favourites up here for a mention.

Anonymous said...

*blush* Dav, thanks for linking me up for Post of The day :)
I didn't know about it till merisi mentioned it.

p/s: Remember to catch the first F1 night race this Sunday....from Sunny Singapore!! **