Saturday, September 13, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

In this sunburnt land Australia
We have no fear of failure
Our seasons are topsy-turvy
And our highways are all curvy


Unknown said...

In this windy land of Oklahoma,
the weathers often a little perturbing,
Especially if you're a Brit'
With a great big fear of getting hit!

OMG David, you're making me into a 'poet' - NOT!

Maggie May said...

England can be steep or flat
It all depends just where you're at.
We come from many different lands
And walk in cities or through sands.

We are as diverse as could be.....
Are never that far from the sea!
We are a crowded little place,
And the weathers sometimes in disgrace......

Lee said...

(to be read with a Texas accent)
Texas is a big ol' state
Ain't much out there that makes us 'frait
We can stand up to ennythang
Even a mean ol' hurricane!

Cheers, David!

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

Australia is a great big place
I think I like the slower pace
Than other places I have been
Altho I wish it were more green...(now)


ps When I come home from visiting my daughter in New York, I cannot get used to the always appears there is no-one around, no-one at home, no traffic etc!